Interview Spotlight: A Journey in Foster Care

*This story is shared by a brave and courageous person whose name will remain anonymous. I will call this courageous person The Bridge to understanding Abandonment. Question: At what age did you enter Foster Care? Answer: I entered the foster care system when I was about 4 months old. My mother was an addict. Question: How did growing up in Foster Care Make you feel? Answer: Growing up in foster care made me feel like I was different. I saw other kids with their Biological Parents and I wondered why I couldn't have the same experience. Question: Now, as an adult, how has foster care affected your life? Answer: As an adult, foster care still affects my life because I feel like it gave me a

Planning for the Unexpected

While social distancing is happening and businesses are slowly opening up, let us not forget that planning for the unexpected is critical. It is important to have a plan, if you become sick or you are unable to take care of everyday basic needs. A plan is necessary. Though this is not the most pleasant topic to discuss, it is an important topic. A lot of times we say I don’t have much, so do I need a will? Yes, it does not matter whether you think you have a lot or a little, everyone should plan for how they want their estate to be handled. We, at The Wynn Lash Law Office, believe everyone is deserving of a plan no matter how large or small their estate. If a will is not the vehicle,

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