Interview Spotlight: A Journey in Foster Care

*This story is shared by a brave and courageous person whose name will remain anonymous. I will call this courageous person The Bridge to understanding Abandonment.

Question: At what age did you enter Foster Care?

Answer: I entered the foster care system when I was about 4 months old. My mother was an addict.

Question: How did growing up in Foster Care Make you feel?

Answer: Growing up in foster care made me feel like I was different. I saw other kids with their Biological Parents and I wondered why I couldn't have the same experience.

Question: Now, as an adult, how has foster care affected your life?

Answer: As an adult, foster care still affects my life because I feel like it gave me abandonment issues. I'm always thinking someone is going to leave me or I am not enough. I've been in therapy for years so to help me with this issue and I continue to work on it everyday.

Question: How can we improve our Foster Care System for children?

Answer: There are many ways that foster care system can improve. One is giving social workers lighter caseloads. Many social workers are overloaded with cases and have little room in their schedules to give kids much needed attention and time. More day programs and transitional programs teaching life skills. Many foster kids who age out become homeless at 18. Independent living programs like The Providence Center saved my life.

Question: One glow about this experience that you would like to share?

Answer: One glow about my experience while in the foster care system is that I was given an opportunity to meet many people of different backgrounds; they too were placed into the foster care for a number of different reasons. I believe that my outlook is broader because I have been exposed to these different groups of people. In addition, it has inspired me to be the best parent that I can to my own child. So being in foster care is the driving force behind my strong desire to be a best parent to my own child. I've already given my daughter a better start than I had growing up. This brings my life much joy and purpose.

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